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What This Site Will Do For You

This site is dedicated to answering the all-important “WHAT DO I DO” question. The answer to this question comes in the form of a comprehensive step-by-step roadmap through HPV oropharyngeal cancer developed by former patients who are not just survivors – but thrivers!

By “thrivers” we mean:


2. Largely free of the debilitating long-term side effects that result from “Standard of Care” treatments recommended for HBV oropharyngeal cancer.

In other words, we all successfully obtained the “Prize” on the other side of treatment.

Remember, as explained on the “What Is The Prize?” page, the “Prize” is you obtaining your version of this result and getting a chance to be you again on the other side of treatment.

Everyone’s journey will be different since everyone’s starting points (age, health, diet, lifestyle, etc.) and everyone’s cancers will be different. Nevertheless, there are a number of choices that we all have to make and there are a number of methods that we can all employ. This site is dedicated to helping you make those choices and employ those methods in a way that increases your chances of obtaining the “Prize”.

The Road Map has been developed through our first-hand experience – from diagnosis to post-treatment recovery.  The Road Map is very detailed and covers everything we learned on our journeys thru HPV oropharygeal cancer.  None of us were ready when we were diagnosed and none of us had a clue as to the “WHAT DO I DO” question.  We had to learn as we moved thru the journey – often the hard way.

The Road Map (left) means you don’t have to learn the hard way.  Again, everyone’s cancer will be different so everything on the Road Map may not be applicable to you.  Nevertheless, the Road Map has served as a valuable guiade to numerous oropharygeal patients.

We wish you the all best in your journey and a long cancer free and side-effect free life whether you become a member or not.